Weapons Fridays at NIMMA

weapons seminar
Four week Weapons Seminar Grads

We just completed the four week seminar on weapons.  We studied the bokken, knife defenses, nunchaku, and pistol defenses. Lots of fun of course (It’s NIMMA after all) and lots of good training.  Defending against a weapon is no joke however.  We dug more deeply into the nature of the weapon, its range, strengths and weaknesses, and techniques designed to survive an encounter.

All agreed that unless you were absolutely sure that the opponent was going to go past threat and actually attack, compliance was the best policy.  There is just so much damage involved with a weapon, it is to be avoided if possible.

Sensei Mike and sensei Brian delivered a fun, insightful, and educational series, we look forward to the next time!

Brian Dillon

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