Indomitable Spirit


Definition of indomitable

1:  incapable of being subdued :  unconquerable <indomitable courage>

Definition of spirit

1:  the immaterial intelligent or sentient part of a person

The fifth  of the “principles of a Black Belt” is Indomitable Spirit.  Used together, we mean indomitable spirit as the sustaining and driving force that propels the other four characteristics; Effort, Sincerity, Character, and Self-Control.

When our Spirit is indomitable, we can push through the difficulties, trials, pain, and frustrations of becoming our best selves. That is the goal of the Black Belt, always working on becoming better in all aspects of one’s life.

As I’ve noted before in previous essays, this goal is one that does not have a finish line, nor does it require comparison with anyone else.  While it is entirely appropriate to have role models for various internal themes, remember that role models too are growing.  Sometimes two steps forward and one back.  That is their struggle, and not ours to judge for success or failure. 

Working on ourselves is a full time job, with job-satisfaction measured by the consonance we achieve with our principles and goals.  The five characteristics of a Black Belt are only a few of the many qualities upon which one may base a program of self-improvement.quote_gandhi_strength-from-indomitable-spirit

As we recite these in class along with the other sentences that make up the NIMMA creed, we would do well to give them more than mere repetition.  What are these words?  What do they mean to each student?  How does that understanding change over the years of training?


Brian Dillon

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