“Do or do not”

Paraphrasing Yoda,

Do or do not, there are no ‘Resolutions’

First a couple of reminder/clarifications.  The ‘do or do not‘ refers to an attitude/commitment of wholehearted effort.  There is NO concern about failure, lack of Yodasuccess or any useless thought or emotion that detracts in any way from that wholehearted effort.  This can be empowering and liberating.  You will be successful or you may not, no worries.  The ‘do not’ acknowledges that you may not be ready to give it your ‘all’, so…don’t.

While we may aspire to be Jedi-like, it is after all a creed from long ago and far away…

The second reminder is our experience with ‘Resolutions’, as in the New Year’s variety.  It is that generally negative/unsuccessful yearly experience that gets in our way.  i-will-create-new-resolutions-all-year-long-text-vintage-slate-blackboard-realistic-alternative-to-64547144We almost expect to fail; we joke about it, there are many memes, cartoons, etc. about it.

Where am I going with this?  Commit to doing Something. I suggest one of our many programs of Martial Arts training.  Depending on your current level of physical ability, age, injury, or background, we have Something for you.  Just ask any of the people who are current or even former members of NIMMA. 

Teen Karate, Adult Karate, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, In Yo No Seishin, all of these are available to you. From very fit, to needing modifications, all physical types are covered.

To further mangle Master Yoda..

Join or join not, but you really should join!

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