Active Threats

Active Threats come in many shapes and sizes.

When you hear the term “Active Shooter” it is pretty clear that a firearm is involved. Hand gun? Semi-automatic? Rifle? Shotgun? What are the differences, and do they impact your responses? 20-guns

An “Active Threat” may mean a shooter, but could also mean a knife wielder, a vehicular assault, bomb threat, drug or alcohol impaired person, or anyone with and intent to do you or others immediate harm.

An Active Threat could be anyone from a child playing with a gun, to a terrorist, or anything between.

The Active Threat may occur in your home, at a place of work or worship, on the street, in the movie theater, in the parking lot, on vacation, shopping…Anywhere you or your loved ones can be, so can an Active Threat be.

Ignoring this reality, or hoping that someone else will take care of it hasn’t worked for the ever increasing number of victims. What is your stance?

It has to begin with Awareness. Awareness of your environment, people entering your personal space, the presence of weapons or potential weapons, your strengths/weaknesses, training or lack thereof.

With Awareness, choices that take into account the items above become available to you. Without Awareness, you are the “victim” of an ignorance about the forces acting on you.

What to do? (Other than become more aware)

Take steps to prepare for the possibility of Active Threats. Get educated, take training, and practice. The result will be increased Awareness, confidence, ability, and options.

Get started soon!

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For more information on Active Shooter Response Training, click here.

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