From Whom Should You Receive Training?

Choose Wisely.

Right. But how exactly?  Here are some thoughts and observations to help.

Match the training source with the intended outcome(s)

Karate, Judo, BJJ, traditional weapons, personal defense…?

Analogous to bringing a knife to a gun-fight is spending your time learning skills and mindset that just don’t apply to what your situations may ask of you.

Is what you think you want to learn, what you really need to learn?

What is exciting and “sexy” may not be what you need. Especially when just beginning to acquire a new skill set. First steps can be exciting, just look at a toddler.

Expertise in doing something that you won’t be doing isn’t actually helpful.

“Ten years with special forces, trained with Rangers, taught Seal Team 6, 25 years on the police force…”, if you want to have that skill set and do those things, you should head down to the recruiting center and sign up. Most of those skills are the exact opposite of what You need to learn and be able to do to survive as a civilian!

That’s right.  Those guys and gals run toward the danger.  You need to run away from it.  Everyone from the direction the bad guys are shooting/advancing are bad guys…so, it’s OK to just shoot and not worry about where the “extra” bullets are going. (I’ve been told by such folks that they don’t really worry too much what’s downrange.) If you are going to go armed in civil society you must consider what is behind/beyond your assailant.

As a Police officer one must attempt to subdue an alleged perpetrator, You on the other hand must break him, maybe by sticking your fingers into his brain via his eye-socket. When assaulted and in fear for your life or of grievous bodily harm, you must act decisively. Personal defense needs to be vicious, and taught properly.  It’s not fancy, it’s brutal.

Self-defense and defense of family/loved ones is not for the faint of heart.

Is your potential trainer experienced Teaching what you want to learn?

“How do you DO that?”  “I don’t know, I just can.  It’s hard to explain…”

Is not what you want to hear from someone who is an expert at a skill or has training that You want! Being able to articulate knowledge and skills to another person is what Teachers Do.  Not everyone can!  The ignorant saying “Those who Can, Do. Those who Can’t , Teach”, is a prime indicator of wrong-headed thinking.

Those who both Do and can Teach are the trainers you need.Such folk are few, and are to be valued. For it is they who are able to acquire then pass on, vital knowledge and skills.  This applies to everything, and goes far beyond Personal Defense Training.

Try out your potential trainer by asking him/her to explain or show you how to do something that is in his or her teaching set.

Something relatively simple that you don’t already know or know how to do. If you’ve wondered how, or why, or if,…ask them!

Then there’s YOU.  Are you ready to listen, do, and learn?

There are sometimes students that are not ready to hear, listen, follow, and do.  For whatever reason, they’re just not.  It may be some baggage, bad experience with previous training, unwillingness to trust…who knows?  Perhaps they haven’t dug deep and made the decision to improve themselves no matter what.

The question is are you ready to make a choice, and be the best student that you can be, and do it with no regrets?

By W.carter - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,
Don’t regret your choice!

Choose Wisely!

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