Are you a Duck or a Fish?

Ducks get lined up and shot, fish get shot in a barrel.

Image result for ducks in a row clipartHaving Your “ducks in a row” means being ready to shoot them.  And “shooting fish in a barrel” refers to a “can’t miss” scenario.Image result for shooting fish in a barrel

You don’t want to be a duck nor a fish.  But that’s exactly what most children are at a school with an active shooter in the building!  Many schools, and and even whole school systems, have a policy in place that will put children at risk.

“Lockdown”, and “Shelter in Place” do not address the nature of the active shooter threat.  In effect, our children are “fish in a barrel” for the shooter.

Go ahead, ask your children what the procedure is at their school for “Lockdown”.  You may be surprised to find that it is:

  • Close the door (except not all of them can lock, or are kept locked)
  • Turn off the lights (but they’re right next to the door…)
  • Close the blinds on the windows
  • Hide out of sight or in a group away from the door and be quiet

Image result for head in the sand clipart

The school shooter profile is that he (98% a single person shooter and male) is someone who knows the school layout.  Classrooms are likely to have children in them, so, go in (easy to break the glass and open door), turn on the lights and shoot the …fish.

I taught at a high school that tacitly knew that lockdown wouldn’t work during lunch block, so never practiced it then.  Yet that is a prime opportunity for a shooter to commit the greatest harm!

Don’t worry, there is a better way.  There have been enough case-studies of active shooter incidents that a clear “better way” has emerged.  FEMA, DHS, and Department of education all promote a different response.

In fact, school systems that don’t change their policy and procedure may very well be liable in the event of an active shooter situation in their schools.

Statistics show that it is in fact small to medium sized school districts that are most often hit. Every time we see the same interview with a shocked resident with the same quote. “I never thought it could happen here”, they say.

It is no longer a matter of ‘if’,  but rather ‘when’ the next attack will occur.  This is a frightening thought, one that must not be ignored or dismissed.

There is a better way to prepare our school staff and students to be empowered to have a good chance of surviving an active shooter situation.

YOU can be the person that gets the ball rolling by bringing in someone who can train everyone in the better way.Image result for get the ball rolling clip art

If you wish to know more, contact me at:

or leave a message at: 888-462-2046

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