If You’re a Hater

You Hate, it’s what you do.

Unfortunately it can go beyond the abstraction with its rhetoric, and become an action. Desecrate, attack, kill, you know, the usual.

Are there Haters where you live? Sure, they’re everywhere there are people!  There seems to be little effort taken to teach the tolerance, acceptance, or understanding that would reduce hateful thinking /behavior.  So, we are saddled with people who Hate as a default response to people and events with which they disagree.

Then why are we so surprised when an active shooter or Hate Crime happens in our town? What do we always hear when the reporters interview residents after an incident has occurred?  “It’s so quiet here, I would never have thought that something like this could happen here”.

So, if Haters Hate, and some Haters act, and they live where we do…What can we (the non-Haters) do?

There is the active response and the pro-active response

The Pro-Active Response is comprised of Awareness and Preparation. The Active Response is the  Execution of the first two phases.

First we must be Aware of the people, influences, sentiments, and threats that Haters’ actions represent.  Listen to the talk around us, the sorts of posts in social media, and how far towards hateful action these are leading. Notice inappropriate behavior.  Speak up when something thoughtless but cruel is being said or done. Recognize that First Amendment rights are very broad and cover all sorts of expression, but do not cover hateful actions.

“Your freedom to punch ends with the tip of my nose”(A. Lincoln?)

Still, in retrospect after an incident, we can trace a progression from opinion to increasingly vitriolic expressions, to planning, to the actual act of an Active Shooter or Hate Crime.

Five phases of an Active Shooter Incident (FEMA PER-275 LASER)

Conceptualize -> Plan -> Prepare -> Approach -> Implement

Our Preparation can involve not only the skills and knowledge of what to do if (when) an incident occurs, but cultivating the mindset necessary to act appropriately and do the right things. And not do the wrong things. Preparation training will include when to run, when to hide (and how), and how to fight.  Preparation will also include skills to save lives immediately after an Active Shooter or other such incident.  These preparation activities & skills can be taught and easily learned.

When it comes time to act.

The Execution phase is when we live or die.  Sure there’s an element of chance, but there’s a whole periodic table of skills, actions, and responses developed in awareness and preparation training.  Right now, as you’re reading this, what would you do if you heard gunshots?  If you were at work?  At school?  At the park? At the movies?  At home?

If you needed to formulate a plan or consider an action in this moment, that might be too late and possibly ineffective.  Awareness Preparation ExecutionHowever with the proper Awareness and Preparation phases, Execution actions come rapidly and with a greater chance of success.

As with many endeavors in life, some degree of preparation and training can make a difference when dealing with the Active Threats that we potentially face in venues from school, workplace, and Church, to home, theater, and park. Don’t Hate the Haters, get Trained!


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