The Most Recent School Shooting

WAS IN FRANCE 3/16/2017

Student ‘fascinated by firearms’ wounds four in French high school shooting.

GRASSE, France, March 16 (Reuters) – A teenager opened fire at his high school in southeastern France on Thursday, wounding up to four people, in an attack apparently inspired by videos of U.S. mass shootings such as Columbine, officials said.

The school shooter profile is a single male (98%), current or former student at that school, and disaffected or angry at one or more persons at the school. Often peers, occasionally faculty.

… the teenager, who fired two or three times, had initially entered a classroom looking for someone in particular.

“His motivations seem to be linked to bad relations he had with other students in school,” Grasse prosecutor Fabienne Atzori told reporters.

People are often surprised at the identity of the shooter.  Words like “shy”, “loner”, “quiet”, etc. are used to describe him.

“I just know the gunman by sight. He was gentle and low-key key, not a nasty guy,” student Achraf added.

Here’s a simple Truth.  Wherever there are people, there is the potential for conditions that lead someone to violence.  They may not necessarily look or act in ways that create suspicion.  Other times there are a series of behaviors that suggest violent intentions.  Was it enough that he “was a fragile young man fascinated by firearms?” Should that have sent warning signals?

Well, no. While much more needs to be done to address disaffection, intolerance, teenage social angst, depression, and peer bullying, that’s not what I’m discussing today.

The sad fact is that this blog today will be overtaken by the next Active Shooter event.  Then that one by the one following It.

No school big or small is exempt from the potential of an Active Shooter.

We need to recognize this and begin to act on its inevitability.  Why take the chance that it Won’t be at Your school?  Especially when there are precautions and policies that will empower more people to survive such an event!  It does not encourage fear to teach empowerment, even though some school officials would have you believe that even discussing the topic will create panic.  Not so.

Ask your children what the procedure is at their school.  If it is “a group cowering in the corner, hoping for the best” you may wish to have your school administration wake up to the fact that the passive lock-down policy in most schools in Not recommended.  The U.S. Department of Education, FEMA, and DHS all suggest a far more active and empowering policy.

If you would like to know more about this and schedule a presentation or training for your school, church, or business, please contact me.

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