P for Preparation


As you read in the last blog, A stands for Awareness. P stands for Preparation, which is this week’s topic.

How Prepared are you?

First, have you given any thought to Threats to you or the ones you love? Let’s say that it has crossed your mind that we live in an increasingly dangerous world, and that the variety of dangers has also increased.

What action(s) did you take?  If you have barely gone past the Awareness phase, then it may be time to take stock of your Threats and begin work on your Preparation plan(s).

Inside the Home

You have insurance for your home or living space.  You have considered a Fire Threat and have extinguishers nearby.  You have smoke and/or CO detectors with fresh batteries. You have a “Bug-Out” bag with items you would need in case of a Fire catastrophe. You’ve practiced your escape plan with your family and are confident that you’re prepared.  Super! The Fire Threat is covered.

What about Flood? Tornado? Extended loss of power/heat?

What about Home Invasion?  What is the plan for an armed (or unarmed) intruder? Are you hoping for probability to work in your favor so that you don’t have to get prepared?  Compare the secure feeling about having prepared for the Fire Threat to the unease about the other Threats I’ve just listed.  There are very specific preparations and actions to take to prepare for these Threats occurring. Let’s get started!

At Work

Do you work at a school, a small business, a large business, an office, on the road, or in sports & entertainment?  Once again, Fire is often prepared for.  We do Fire Drills.  How much preparation has centered around an Active Shooter or other Active Threat?  Some, a little, or none?  That just won’t do.  If the reality of Active Threats concerns you, the preparation is YOUR concern.

At “Play”

Do you go out to dinner, to the movies, to the theater, concerts, clubs, parks, or go traveling? There have been enough Active Shooter events now for us to see that any of these venues are potentially at risk.  Contact me and I can show you the cases compiled by DHS and FEMA.

Everywhere Else

By now you can see what the thrust of this blog is about.  Threats abound, and ignoring preparation is not a viable survival strategy.  Once you allow yourself to play the “what if” game of looking at your life and activities through the lens of potential Threats, the value of preparation becomes apparent. Recognize that value for yourself.


Remember the good feeling you have about your Fire Threat preparations? (You have made those preparations already, right?) You’re not paranoid about Fire, just respectful of the possibility.  Likewise the preparation for these other threats brings satisfaction, not paranoia.

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