E is for Execution


Well, you know that A stands for Awareness and P for Preparation.

E is for Execution.

When it comes time to put your planning and preparation into effect, it could be in an instant. No more thinking about what-if’s, just the doing. The Execution of your training, is putting your plan(s) into effect.

What does that look like?

If we assume that you have practiced a plan such as a fire emergency escape in the home, then the execution is fairly straightforward: Do it.  When it is real, we revert to our simplest most practiced behavior.  With the smoke and possibly flames creating fear and confusion, the necessity to have a solid practice to execute is critical.

What about the other active threat scenarios mentioned in previous blogs? Home invasion, active shooter at work or elsewhere?  You need a strategy, a plan to follow and practice to be ready to execute effectively.

The plan should include elements of awareness, mental & emotional conditioning, and physical training both armed and unarmed. Don’t worry!  This kind of training is actually fun and very rewarding.  While the potential crisis situation is dauntingly fearsome, the training is not!

Women’s and Men’s personal defense classes, either private or small group are a great way to start conditioning your mind and body to handle the realities of violence in one’s life.  We have 10 hour courses (private or small group) and/or ongoing private training.

Continue with weapon training by taking the Basics of Handgun NRA or USCCA courses.  Then move on to advanced urban combat/tactical training. We can get you started with a solid foundation that includes safe weapon handling and basics of correct shooting technique.

Prepare to save your life and those around you with the integrated Trauma Care included in our courses. There are some simple but important things to know and do to save lives before the EMT’s can get there.

Integrate your training with crisis scenario mock active shooter seminars and you will feel empowered and BE empowered to take an active role in your safety an that of others you care for.

Remember that we default to our basic training in crisis.  If there is no training to fall back on, panic and poor decisions may result.

If this makes sense to you, then contact us to begin Your program of training that empowers you to execute effectively in crisis.

Brian Dillon 4/8/17   Please LIKE and FOLLOW us!

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