Martial Arts have been handed down for generations throughout the world. This ancient training method trains your mind and body to act as one. Martial Arts practitioners strive to learn effective self-defense techniques. At NIMMA martial arts has many benefits for children and adults. This article is going to focus on just five phenomenal benefits for kids that will carry with them the rest of their lives.

Martial Arts For Kids

1 Physical Fitness

Martial Arts is a very physical and mental sport. The fitness aspect of martial arts will get your kids active and in shape. Classes often begin with warms like jumping jacks, pushups and stretching common to most sports to avoid injury. The movements of martial arts work the whole body and push the cardiovascular system. Many martial artists reap the benefits of staying physically fit. There is no set size, height, weight, or shape required for martial arts. Everyone can benefit and enjoy martial arts!


2 Self Defense

The ability to defend yourself against an attacker is empowering for children and adults. Self-defense is the key in martial arts. In martial arts, children learn how to effectively protect themselves in a variety of situations and avoid confrontation altogether. The goal in martial arts is always not to fight and get away. Fighting is the last resort, but in the unfortunate situation that anyone has to defend themselves, they should know how to protect yourself and get away.


3 Self Discipline

Martial Arts helps to instill self-discipline and mental focus through constant training physically and mentally. This helps children to focus on a task and see it through until it is completed. The discipline is taught in the dojo with through customs, uniforms, and repetition.


4 Respect

Respect in Martial Arts is one of the core foundations taught and handed down for hundreds of years. Punching, kicking, locking and throws are all secondary physical attributes that teach respect for themselves and others. Respect is primarily taught through the traditions and core values of the school. Children are taught to bow as a sign of respect to their Sensei (Teacher) and respect the masters that came before them. At NIMMA students are taught to respect their fellow students, instructors, parents and to “treat others as they would want to be treated” with respect and kindness.


5 Self Confidence

As a child, the world can be intimidating and a scary place. Martial Arts helps to instill confidence in each child to walk in the world confidently. Progressing through the belt ranking in martial arts system gives each child measurable and realistic goals to follow and feel confident when they reach each goal. The sense of accomplishment that each child has as they progress from mastering a new skill will follow them the rest of their lives. Martial Arts is a great sport that teaches your child life-long skills.