Best Kids Camps In Claremont

NIMMA is the home to the best camps in Claremont.  With up to eleven camps in the summer, School Break Camps, and Holiday Camps, we’re the place to go for safe and exciting camps.  CLICK HERE for SUMMER CAMPS

Each camp week has an educational theme, rain forest, oceanography, space exploration, aviation, and more.

Camps run from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each camp day.  Campers bring their own lunch and snacks. The possibility of early drop-off and/or late pick-up exists.  Ask NIMMA staff or Sensei Mike.

Campers have quiet time after lunch.  They can read, or watch a movie.

There are numerous benefits to day camp programs. Consider our top three perks.

  1. Get exposed to a diverse association.  Day camp introduces children to their peers from various communities, schools, and cultures.  Children tend to view the world from their immediate circle of friends and family.  Attending camp gives them the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds, both children, and adults. Adults employed at camps are extensively trained and provide meaningful role models for your children.

  2. Receive a creativity boost.  Camp activities are often centered around imagination and developing creative solutions.  Cooperative skills not only bring joy and satisfaction, they build self-esteem. Additionally, creative problem solving is a skill sought by many employers, benefiting your child for years to come. Camp kids enjoy physical activity and designing their own creative performances. Creative development also encourages your child to be independent. Counselors repeatedly find that children will try new things and do more for themselves in an environment away from their parents.

  3. Learn to take appropriate risks.  Camp activities often push children to be daring, under the right supervision and wearing appropriate safety gear.  Channeling their desire to be daring, children enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with taking risks. They learn to set goals and take healthy risks, skills they will use for years to come.

Not to be overlooked are the benefits to parents. Instead of spending hours driving children to various summer activities, day camp provides one location where they can participate in a variety of enriching activities.

Therefore, sign your children up for one of our Best Camps in Claremont.  To get our weekly newsletter with camps and other activities, just fill out the form below with your information.

Benefits of N.I.M.M.A. Camps

N.I.M.M.A. also offers Themed Birthday parties, Parent's night out each month, Themed summer camps, Winter break camp, Spring break camp, School holiday camps, Before & After school programs.

Get Exposed
Diverse Assocation
Taking Appropriate
Safe Healthy Risks

"Safe, Fun, Engaging, Diverse Kid Camps"

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