In Yo No Seishin

Low-Impact Karate for Adults
Adult Modified Karate

Mind in Balance (In Yo No Seishin) refers to our approach to beginning or continuing Martial Art practice.

People remark on the graceful flow of movement in practitioners of Tai-Chi Chuan. Much is said about the emotional, physical, and spiritual balances that are developed.

At NIMMA, our approach is to combine mindful practice of kata that encourages improved balance, flexibility, breathing, and strength.  Self defense aspects are covered with constant reference to Principles of Martial Arts and their applications.  Weapon use, specifically sticks, knives, and canes is included within the katas as well as stand-alone topics.

The older beginner and the aging practitioner, will both find that accommodations are made for injuries and/or disabilities.

We all start from different places, we all move at different paces.

Dr. Brian Dillon 3rd Deg.
In Yo No Seishin program

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