Best Summer Camps

camp schedule
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NIMMA Summer Camps are famous for their unique combination of exercise, learning, and lots of fun.  Sensei Mike brings his gift for activity creation to the world of meaningful Summer Camp themes.  Campers love it, and parents wish that they too could attend NIMMA Summer Camps.
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Extreme Promotion Camp  Show up, work hard, get promoted!  Intensive training!
Extreme Kick & Tricks Learn to kick like the top competitors
Hero Camp  Heroic activities!
Martial Arts Camp  Find out more about the wide variety there is in the world.
Ninja Camp  I could tell you about ninja camp, but only those lucky few who attend camp will learn the secrets of the Ninjas!
Extreme Weapons Camp  Who doesn’t love lots of cool weapons?  Come to camp and learn the exciting advanced techniques not taught in regular classes
Gamer Camp You campers have been getting better and better, but so has Sensei Mike!
Jedi Academy It isn’t easy to become a Jedi, but the hard work and dedication will pay off.  Who will become the Jedi Grand Master?
Extreme Tournament Prep Camp  NIMMA’s annual tournament is August 26th
 Camps are $145 per week, and are in session from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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